The Skin Revamp Project 2016 concerns redoing w:c:finalfantasy's skin to be suit c:finalfantasy:Final Fantasy XV.

Overall skin outlineEdit

This is the overall outline for how the theme should appear.

  • Everything should be done in Wikia.css, and not Common.css, if possible. In some cases, that may mean overriding Common.css classes.
  • Entire theme should use FFXV's font. This should be the same as on the FFXV website - six of Roboto, Arial and sans-serif for normal text; mix of Cinzel and serif for headers. Similarly, headers etc should be all caps. Done
  • Feature a background image that relates to the game. Could feature [1] or [2], [3] or [4]. Done
  • Customize the top nav. Done
  • Try to feature FFXV's cursor - w:c:finalfantasy:File:FFXV Cursor.png. Either to replace the main mouse cursor, or to appear next to links on hover. Could possibly be the replacement for the edit button? Done, replaced edit button
  • Change the edit button image (not sure what to yet). Done, see above
  • Font will need #CCC or white font. There will probably need to be a different link color. If so, override Common.css' general .WikiaPage link colors. Take rgba(255, 255, 255, .6) into consideration - slightly darker but still translucent font, shows up well.
  • Change the buttons for things like edit, try and emulate the polygons with triangles on the left and right for them. Recolored and shape is changed, not possible to create exact effects from FFXV menus, but it's fine as is
  • Have a slight glow on links, with a gradient and a transition of a second or so. Base it on w:c:finalfantasy:File:Ignis set.jpg. Done, but different effect was used
  • Minor customization to Wikia right rail modules - make them more transparent and more similar to the FFXV menus. Cannot be done, likely against ToU anyway
  • A few bugs may need fixing. Probably a couple ways to polish it up even more.

Guiding principlesEdit

These are the guiding principles for how the skin should emulate FFXV's design.

  • Generally, the skin makes use of different shades of the color black, and occasionally a light blue.
  • Gradients normally go from white to light blue and create a glow.
  • Avoid use of rounded corners. Unlike other entries in the series, none of FFXV's menus make use of rounded corners, preferring simple polygons.
  • The menus make use of transparency very often.
  • Polygons that aren't squares on the menu feature triangles on the left and right.

References and inspirationEdit

Take inspiration from: